It reads: Keep calm and Happy 2015, in a snowy pathway as background
This is a hidden note from the WebAdmin just for you. If you use screen reader, please help us make this website more accessible to you by sending us your comment or suggestions. We are willing to learn and make the Internet more accessible for all users of all abilities. Thank you for visiting our web page. ( ). We hope each timebank member had an enjoyable end of 2014 and are now looking forward to all […]

Keep Calm and Happy 2015

Freemantle Time Bank Broker, Gwyneth Baker
Dear All, Thank you all for a wonderful 2014 of building friendships, helping one another at times of need, or just being there to share skills, or help ease the burden of completing an onerous task.  Since the launch of the Freemantle Time Bank, we have recruited 124 members who have helped one another with over 2000 hours.  Give yourselves a pat on the back.   Let’s hope we build on this, in 2015. Welcome to […]

Last Bulletin 2014

Freemantle Time Bank shared a link. Posted by Gwyneth Grace Baker · Yesterday This is the final reminder about the Freemantle and Shirley Network Survey, if you haven’t completed it yet, please try and take a few minutes to do so…this is your opportunity to help look at how services can be delivered differently in the area. To start the survey click here Listen to this Post

Freemantle and Shirley Network Survey

Thank you Mr Baker’s Cakes for making a special cake for our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Tuesday, 10.30 – 1.30 at Lordshill Community Centre, Andromeda Rd. For further details call or text the broker on 07795 050 294 #macmillancoffee #macmillancoffeemorning Listen to this Post

MacMillan Coffee